Warmd - Fight climate change


Warmd is a personal carbon footprint calculator which gives you an idea of your own impact and helps you to improve it with adapted advices. My only goal is to reduce a bit the human impact and to leave a habitable planet to our children.

It is a free and open-source mobile application without any ads or paid features. However, graphics are under Shutterstock Standard License and cannot be distributed outside Warmd.


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Contact and Assistance

Please write to warmd_app@icloud.com or create a ticket here for any bug report or suggestion.

Privacy Policy

Warmd does everything on your phone and does not need access to Internet. It doesn’t try to steal any data or use them for commercial purposes.


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How to compile?

Warmd is a Flutter project, meaning you need to setup Flutter to be able to compile.

Warmd always use the last stable Flutter version and I recommand to use VSCode (with the official Flutter extension) since Warmd already contains some VSCode configuration files.